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how to make the best vegan thanks giving turkey roast..

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This thanks giving roast is from my new #VeganChristmas book. I call it my ‘No-Turkey’ and its literally the best vegan roast I have ever made. So festive & meaty. Perfect to get non vegans interested in vegan food. Christmas & thanks giving is a time for peace so I think there should be less animals on dinner tables so this is why I made my #VeganChristmas book. The vegan roast is made with Wheat gluten also known as seitan – and I show you exactly how to make seitan. I love making it & this is one of my favourite seitan recipes I’ve made even complete with my vegan seitan bacon which I made in an earlier recipe video. Hope you have a great vegan thanks giving & vegan Christmas. Oh ps.. The recipe gets even better as you can even make a vegan gravy with the broth that you cook the roast in!

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