Lumpiang Sariwa

Get the details of this Lumpiang Sariwa (Fresh Lumpia) recipe here:

Lumpiang Sariwa is a healthy Filipino vegetable recipe. It is sometimes called Fresh Spring Roll or even Fresh Summer Roll. It is made from quickly sauteed vegetables which are enclosed in a soft wrap made from flour and egg. A sweet flavorful lumpia sauce along with minced fresh garlic compliments this Lumpiang Sariwa dish.

This Lumpiang Sariwa Cooking video will show you how to cook lumpiang sariwa. It will also teach you how to easily make lumpia wrapper in the comfort of your own kitchen. If you want to learn how to make lumpia sauce, you can also use this video as a reference. Aside from sautéed vegetables, a variation of this dish called Lumpiang Ubod makes use of “ubod” or hearts of palm.

Lumpiang Shanghai and Lumpiang Togue are fried lumpia versions that make a good appetizer. Cheese sticks are also the same except that it is filled with cheese inside.


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