Street Food EGG ROTI!! Market Eating Tour in Southeast Asia!

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Ranong (ระนอง) – Welcome to Ranong, a very pleasant city in Southern Thailand. A couple interesting things about Ranong, which is both a city and province in Thailand, is that it’s the least populated province in Thailand, and it’s located on the Kra Isthmus, the narrowest part of the Malay peninsula. It’s also a cool place to visit with some fantastic people and delicious Thai street food.

We started at the market for breakfast, walking around the friendly market and eating some street food snacks including a freshly made egg roti (โรตีไข่), sticky rice shrimp (ข้าวเหนียวหน้ากุ้), and grilled sticky rice (ข้าวเหนียวปิ้ง). Market was great.

Traditional Ice Cream (ร้านไอติม ประเสริฐสงค์) – This is one of the most classic Thai ice cream shops that specializes in hardened raw egg ice cream (ไอติมไข่แข็ง) – 40 THB

Take Off Your Shoes Restaurant (ร้านถอดรองเท้า) – Next up on this Ranong Thai food tour we went to a legendary restaurant literally called “Take Off Your Shoes.” Funny enough, you don’t need to take off your shoes to eat here… but it must have a history!
Shrimp stink beans กุ้งผัดกะปิสะตอ
Fern salad ยำผักกูด
Sour curry, taro stems แกงส้มออดิบ
Soft shell crab ปูนิ่มทอดกระเทียม
Total price – 850 THB ($26.25)

Som Chok Restaurant (ร้านสมโชค) – Finally, to end this meal, we drove a little outside of town to a countryside Thai restaurant known for curries and especially for stink beans. We had a little stink bean overdose, and it was wondrous!
Stink beans สะตอผักกะปิ
Chicken turmeric ไก่ต้มขมิ้น
Pork ribs curry แกงเคี่ยวพริกกระดูกหมู
Fried pork หมูทอดเกลือ
Total price – 800 THB (24.69 USD)

That completes this Thai street food tour of Ranong, Thailand. It’s a pleasant town, very friendly, easy to go around, charming, and you’ll find some delicious and unique street food.



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