Gnarliest Hard Enduro Race In The US | Red Bull Signature Series Kenda Tennessee Knockout 2020

Watch the full highlights of the 10th Annual Kenda Tennessee Knockout (TKO) on our latest Red Bull Signature Series!

What is the allure of this most brutal of Motorsports? One by one, the field is eliminated succumbing to the unforgiving terrain, stifling heat and humid conditions of the course. This is the Kenda AMA Tennessee Knockout (A.K.A. TKO) and you are watching Red bull Signature Series.

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The event features a multi-round โ€œKnockoutโ€ format. Each round is different as the riders race against the clock in some rounds and head-to-head in others and they do so on both short and long courses consisting of extremely difficult terrain. All of the action is designed to be very spectator-friendly with easy viewing access to many of the most challenging sections.

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